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Product Description

Based in Mumabai-Navi, Maharashtra (India), we are a noted Ecobiopack manufacturer, exporter and supplier. It is widely required in housing, commercial & industrial complexes, construction camps, hotels, hospitals and many more. This product is developed and designed by expert team members using the superlative quality raw material and pioneering technique in order to ensure its durability, sturdy construction and long life. Our produced Ecobiopack can be availed in varied dimensions and technical specifications at market justified prices.


  • Excellent Treated effluent quality: The high efficiency-filtration system ensures that treated effluent meets the most stringent of standards for recycle
  • Compact and Elegant: The system is elegantly designed with particular emphasis on compactness, aesthetics and ergonomics--- ideal for housing, commercial and industrial complexes, hotels, hospitals, construction camps, etc.
  • Flexible geometry: Geometry of the unit can be tailored to suit space constraints.
  • Wide choice of installation options: In basements, underground, on terraces etc.
  • Cleaner environment: The fully enclosed design ensures a clean environment unlike competing systems.
  • Complete drying of sludge: Wedge-wire Stainless Steel trolleys with heating coils ensures complete drying of sludge, destruction of pathogens and deodorization, and drastic reduction in volume of sludge for disposal
  • Low power input: Process power is less than 30% of that for a conventional activated sludge system.(power for pumping is at par for all types of systems)
  • Wide range of capacities: Package systems range from 5 cum/day capacity to as large as 1000 cum/day capacity and in multiples thereof.
  • Good surface finish:  Resin epoxy coating gives excellent protection from corrosion and rusting subject to proper upkeep and maintenance.
  • Minimal moving parts: A geared motor, a pump and support bearings for the ECOBIOPACK constitute the moving parts requiring lubrication and servicing—the easy accessibility of these makes maintenance very convenient.
  • Installation: Installation is very easy as the plant is entirely prefabricated and is merely to be mounted on the foundation constructed by the Owner.
  • Microprocessor controlled system: The plant operates unmanned through a microprocessor system.
  • Camera Surveillance system: The system operation is captured by a set of cameras and the video file is stored in the hard disk provided along with a DVR and a desktop computer. If the client provides a net connection, we could observe the plant operation in our office.

Wastewater treatment systems in the Series ECOBIOPACK biochemical oxidation use an attached growth aerobic biological system which is a soundless unit which takes up atmospheric oxygen without any splashing and spraying of wastewater unlike aeration systems. The effluent, which is then clarified, meets the most stringent standards with the greatest of ease. The entire system is a complete packaged and containerized assembly mounted on a “skid” type base. The system produces very little sludge– and that too in a completely mineralized form convertible into garden compost.

SYSTEM ECOBIOPACK - How the system works:

  • Raw wastewater passes through a bar screen and is collected in a Raw Sewage tank provided by the owner and pumped at a steady rate into the ECOBIOPACK. The wastewater flows through the rotating media bioreactor where organic matter in the wastewater comes into intimate contact with a very large area of a rotating bio-film residing on synthetic media. The media has a very high specific surface and hence supports a very high microbial population.
  • Aeration is achieved by rapid surface renewal of thin films of wastewater. As the film grows in thickness it sloughs off and a new film takes its place. This is a far superior and energy efficient system compared with bubbled aeration processes such as FAB, SAFF, MBR, MBBR etc.
  • In the ECOBIOPACK-MF option, the mixed liquor containing the biofilm is allowed to clarify in an intermediate tank and then pumped through a bag filter and a cartridge filter. The ECOBIOPACK-UF has an add on ultra-filtration module where biosolids are intercepted by a 0.1 Micron membrane.
  • Sludge from the intermediate tank is pumped to a sludge dewatering and drying system in which dewatering takes place through percolation of free water through a stainless wedge-wire screen. Dewatering is followed by heat drying of sludge by heating coils provided in the unit. Complete drying of sludge at 70-80 deg C  has the following benefits:
  • Drastic reduction in sludge volume
  • Complete destruction of pathogens
  • Total elimination of odour
  • The bag filters are removed and dried in the sun or in an oven, biosolids are recovered and then the bags are washed for reuse, Bags are to be replaced once in 3 months or more frequently as needed. Cartridge filter elements are replaced once in a week or as needed.
  • In the UF model, the membrane pack is automatically back-flushed with air and water pulses for 30 seconds every half an hour or as defined by the user thereby keeping the membranes clean. Sludge thus accumulated in the ultrafiltration tank is released periodically in an automated sequence to covered and draft ventilated sludge trays annexed to the plant. Dewatered sludge that resembles compost, is bagged for use as a soil fertilizer.
  • A flow meter provides a direct reading of the flow-rate.
  • The entire operation is extremely simple and the system once stabilized, can be left to itself with very little human intervention.  A Control panel and microprocessor takes care of the operation of the plant.